Tribes from the California-Intermountain region lived in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and California. Some tribes that lived there were Miwok, Pomo, Shoshone and Paiute. The region contains two different environments. In the desert, the temperature is extreme heat and cold and little rainfall. But in the mountain ranges it has mild climate and many redwood trees. One of the geographical features is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The Pacific Ocean also provided food and transportation.

The California tribe got their food by hunting with harpoons. They ate deer, bear, and fish. They also had fruits and vegetables they got by going spot to spot picking and gathering. They stored these foods to have in the winter. They also had tools and weapons to hunt. They were made out of bones and carved wood. They also made spoons and utensils out of wood and bones. Finally, they caught birds with nets. That’s how the California tribe got their food.

In winter skin and furs were used for clothes. It was very food for them and fashion. Bark was used to make men’s breechcloth which is leather worn between the legs and tied at the waste. These are all clothes and materials they used.

Homes of the California region were made out of natural materials such as wood, bark, grass, and earth. To make a hatched home they first dug a shallow hole. The frame of the house was built by sticking long willow branches in the ground around the edge of the hole and leaning them toward the center. Walls were formed by weaving vines and twigs through the willow branches. The willow frame was covered with tulle bundles leaving a small hole at the top to let out smoke. In the winter, mud was plastered on the outside to make it warmer and more waterproof. The doorway opening was low and faced away from the direction of the wind. That’s how the California tribe made a home.

Villages from California tribes had a chief. The chief had all the responsibilities for the whole village. The chief and some of the males that lived there had more than one wife. The chief also was in charge if one of his people was homeless. He would have to give that person a home to live in. When boys and girls were old enough they were forced to get married to each other. Their mother and father had to pick out their daughter’s husband.

Native Americans used lots of different types of tools to hunt and also to eat. One tool that they used to hunt was a bow and arrow and harpoons. Tools you could use to eat were spoons and forks. They used deer antlers and other animal bones to make that. The Native Americans also used tools to hunt, cut stuff, make boats, and paddles. Sometimes different tribes would trade tools, beads, baskets, animal hides, and bows and arrows. These are all the different tools that all different tribes used.

Native Americans from the California Region used nature to make art. They used soft soapstone to carve. They also made women’s apron from weaving bark. They used deerskin and stretched it over a frame to make a drum. People also made jewelry out of clam shells. The Native Americans from California had whistles and flutes made out of wood, shells, animal hides, and bones. Some of them also traded shells like money. Feathers were used for baskets in the California Region.

Thatched homes were made of easy to find resources like branches, stick, straw. They covered a simple frame.